Solutions from Oswalt Office Furniture

Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes looking at a situation is what is needed to help you find the right solution.
Our experience in helping other companies may shed some light on your project. Whether it is simply a change in the way the existing furniture is positioned, or new furniture that is made for the issue at hand, Oswalt will help you to get the project on track.

Companies are trying to make better use of their space as they grow, so as to avoid costly new construction. Our attention to Detail and Knowledgable Professionals will assist you with Quality Service and Products to make you space both inviting to work in and appealing to your customers.

We will be able to help you to identify that valuable space that is already there but just not being used efficiently. New trends, like opening up space with lower acoustical panel heights, benching, and space dividers are helping companies to encourage employees to work together as teams. Many great minds, working more easily together, can arrive at results that are helping progressive companies to reach and stay on top of their industries. The old days of sitting in a boxed-in kind of cubicle, shut off to the rest of the company (and the world) is quickly becoming a way of the past. Employees sharing ideas, interacting, and feeling free create, are sometimes the deciding factors for attracting that new potential employee.

Work habits and locations are changing, with more people able to work from anywhere, using new available technology. Home offices are being furnished by the company, with touch-down space only being supplied at the actual company office. Consistency in the furniture supplied for home offices may be important. This assures the company that the right tools are being purchased for productive work at home. A few simple tools like articulating keyboard platforms, flat-panel monitor arms, and an ergonomically-designed chair can help make computer work at the home office or touch-down company location more user friendly and productive.