Oswalt Office Furniture Special Services

  • Planning & Design (existing or new furniture): Planning is the first step in achieving your desired results. Oswalt uses modern “Giza Designer” software to assist you in the proper fit for your existing or new office furniture. From the first measurements of your space to the final installation of the furniture, Oswalt can help you to accomplish your goals.
  • “Thought-Starter” Catalogs: These are available to help you get started and recognize the most current trends and finishes available today. Modern finishes from various manufacturers are available to make your office look professional and appealing to your customers and employees. Contact us for your own catalog specific to your needs.
  • Relocation and Moving Services: Let us help you re-arrange the furniture in your existing office or move your furniture to a new one. We can help you plan and execute your move, freeing up your time for your more important tasks at hand. Oswalt has the knowhow and equipment needed to disassemble, move and reassemble your furniture properly, eliminating the risk of damage to your furniture.
  • Furniture Cleaning and Repair: There are times when your furniture just needs a good cleaning and touch-up or minor repairs to give you a fresh look, without buying new furniture. Talk to us about this service for your older office, to see if this solution might work for you.
  • Furniture appraisal and evaluation service: There may be times that you need to know either the current value or replacement value of your office furniture for insurance or accounting purposes. Call us and we can help you.
  • Decommissioning of office space: When it is time to complete the life-cycle of an office or its furniture, for example, when an office is downsized or closed, we will work with you to accomplish this task.
  • Inventory Management: We can help you by keeping track of your existing furniture inventory and also by taking care of your excess equipment by disposal or off-site warehousing.