Seating Furniture

The furniture item that interacts with you the most is your desk chair. The right work chair can make a remarkable difference in how you feel at the end of your workday.

If you are feeling an ache in your neck and shoulders at the end of your work day, you may be sitting in a chair that is not supporting you properly. It does not have to be that way.

A good ergonomic chair is made to support and adjust to your unique body shape and curves. The newest generation of work chairs are made to move with you, while supporting you properly. No company puts more money into workplace research than Steelcase. Steelcase work chairs are designed with proper ergonomic positions in mind, while also being mindful that people are different, and therefore sit and work differently. A chair that is designed for a comfortable meeting in the conference room may not support you properly during a long work day at your computer. That training room chair may not work so well in the lobby. Let our team at Oswalt help you to select the correct chair for the task at hand and then make sure it is adjusted properly.

Steelcase Gesture, Leap, Think, Amia, and Crew are just a few examples of work chairs that really support and adjust to the way that you work. Lobby seating from Steelcase, Coalesse (Div. of Steelcase), Turnstone, Global, Lesro, Patrician, and Paoli are made to invite and impress your visitors as soon as they get inside the door.
Medical facility waiting areas have special requirements that are met by brands like Nurture (Div. of Steelcase), Global Healthcare, and La-Z-Boy Contract, ERG, Intensa, and SPEC furniture.

If your company needs seating for larger employees or guests, Oswalt has chairs for the big and tall among us. These chairs have weight limits up to 500 pounds. We have these chairs at our showroom to demo. Call us for more information.

In your shop and lab areas, you may require extended height stools for your people to work more comfortably, all day. Many quality ergonomic brands of seating offer “stool kits” that will convert a good chair into a good stool. Intensive use and 24 hour operations have their own special requirements for seating. Some of our brands that fit that niche are Safco, Lyon Workplace Products, Mayline, and Tennsco, just to name a few.